Sign Up For Direct Deposit

Save time and receive your funds sooner.  Enroll in Direct Deposit through your Student Homepage with an active checking or savings account from the United States. After the account is verified, you will receive your funds sooner and more securely than checks in the mail.


What are the benefits of Direct Deposit?

  • Don't have to wait for the mail
  • Reduce the risk of lost or stolen checks
  • Protect your bank information with multi-factor authentication
  • It's a free service 

Enroll in Direct Deposit Link on the Student Center

How to enroll online

  1. Log into your Student Homepage through the CSUF Portal. 
  2. Click the "Enroll in Direct Deposit" tile.
  3. Verify it's you with Duo Security, multi-factor authentication.
  4. Enter your banking information and follow the next steps to complete the process.
  5. Wait two to five business days to activate your Direct Deposit.


How do I use Duo Multi-Factor Authentication?

After clicking "Enroll in Direct Deposit," you will be directed to the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication screen. Select one of your phone numbers on the "Device" drop-down menu to be used for verification. "Call Me" will call your phone number, and "Enter A Passcode" will text you a passcode. If you see an error message, we may not have your current phone number on file. Please contact the 24/7 Student IT Help Desk at 657-278-8888 or for technical support.

What happens if I'm not enrolled in Direct Deposit?

Student Business Services will automatically send a check to the mailing address on file. If necessary, please update your mailing address to ensure your funds arrive at the correct location.