Third Party Billing

Student and Third Party Responsibilities

California State Fullerton may enter into a billing relationship with an external agency or company to pay tuition and fees. A third party billing relationship is one in which the California State University, Fullerton bills an external agency or company for all or part of a student’s tuition and fees.  These external agencies or companies require an invoice from the California State University, Fullerton in order to provide payment.  Both the student and the external agency have certain requirements that must be met prior to the University’s agreement to establish such a relationship.

Student Responsibilities

  • Contact the Third Party Coordinator at the beginning of each semester’s billing cycle (July 1st for Fall semesters, October 15th for Spring semesters, and April 1st for Summer session) to ensure the University has a valid contract and authorization on file.
  •  Pay any charges not covered by the third party by the semester’s billing due dates. This includes any related penalties that may result from sponsoring agency’s non-payment.
  • Informing the university of any changes in sponsorship coverage or agency contact information.
  • Clearing financial holds that may withhold grades or prohibit enrollment activity, obtaining diploma or transcripts.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to maintain their current address information. Address updates may be made on-line.

Third Party Agency Responsibilities

The University requires a valid contract or authorization on file for each third party billing relationship.  This authorization/contract should be on the organization’s letterhead and include an original signature of the official authorized to commit payment on behalf of the organization.  Authorizations must include the following:

  • No restrictions or contingencies, such as review of grades or transcripts prior to payment. Agreements containing this information will require prepayment by the student who must then seek reimbursement from the organization.
  • The charges to be paid and whether full or partial payment are approved.
  • The time period for which payment is authorized.
  • The student(s) to which the authorization applies.
  • The name, billing address, email address, and telephone number of the contact person at the organization that is responsible for payment.
  • Payment terms by the third party must give a reasonable amount of time between the billing date and the disbursement date in which the third party payer will make final payment. Tuition and fees not paid because of time constraints by third party agency will be moved back to the student account and immediately due and payable by the student.
  • It is the policy of California State University, Fullerton to protect our student’s rights and confidentiality. Third party payers must obtain information regarding transcript and grades directly from the student.
  • Third party billing is offered for registration related charges only. Contracts for charges such as room and board, books and admission applications will not be accepted at Student Business Services.
  • If the student drops one or more classes after the beginning of the term, the third party must pay the full amount of tuition and fees as invoiced, and seek reimbursement from the student.

Conditional Credit

  • Upon approval by the University of the third party agreement, a conditional credit will be applied to the student’s account for the term(s) specified in the agreement.
  • The third party organization will be billed for the academic term for which the student is enrolled. Students who are not receiving full payment of all account charges must pay their portion by the normally scheduled bill due date in order to secure their schedule. Students who have not paid their portion are subject to enrollment cancellation.
  • Students under third party agreements whose organizations fail to pay the authorized charges within 30 days of the bill due date will be subject to immediate reversal of their conditional credit and will be responsible for payment of any balance due.
  • The university reserves the right to revoke partnerships with sponsoring agencies that are delinquent in paying their invoices.
  • The university reserves the right to deny a third party billing arrangement to a student whose account is in arrears or has been referred to an agency for collection.
  • If payment has been made and the student subsequently withdraws from a course, a refund will be processed to the student or sponsor, depending on who paid.

Excluded from Third Party Billing

  • Employer reimbursement.
  • Scholarships.
  • AmeriCorp.
  • Trust funds.
  • 529 plans.