Franchise Tax Board Notices

The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) is part of the California Government Operations Agency that collects state personal income tax and corporate income tax of California. Per California Code Sections (§12419.2, 12419.7, 12419.9, 12419.10, 12419.11, and 12419.12), the FTB authorizes the State Controller to collect funds owed to the State University.


Why Did I receive this letter?

Our records indicate that there are past-due balances on your account at California State University, Fullerton. If you are owed a tax refund, or you win the State Lottery, the FTB will deduct from the refund or other winnings the amount you owe to the University. 

Possible reasons for charges

Amount Item Type Possible reasons charges are applied
$55.00 Application Fee Fees charged to student when they apply to CSUF. Regardless of attending or not attending the university, the $55.00 is charged to apply to the university. 
$60.00/$85.00 Orientation Fees Students enrolled in orientation are responsible for paying the fees. Regardless of attending or not attending the orientation, the charges are applied when enrollment is completed.
Any Financial Aid Charge backs Funds for certain grants and loans may be contingent on enrolling in 12 units or more. If a student drops below 12 units during a semester,  disbursed funds from their eligible financial aid may need to be returned for that term.
Any Tuition Charges Charges from a past semester are left unpaid. Fees originally covered by Loan funds, anticipated financial aid that may not have been approved, or simply left unpaid are due to the University. 
Any Miscellaneous Campus Charges Charges may have been applied to your account from various departments on campus ranging from outstanding library fees or overdue course fees.
Any Dream/Perkins Loan Charges from past due payments on your loan. To view your account or make a payment, please go to


Charges to other departments

Student Business Services may also collect fees that originated from other CSUF departments. Charges from other departments on campus may include outstanding library fees, health center fees, etc.

If you have questions regarding charges to other departments, please contact the departments below for more information.

Departmental Contact Information

Department Phone Number
Chemistry (657) 278-3351
Communication (657) 278-8128
Extension and Int'l Programs (657) 278-4650
Employee Receivables (657) 278-4286
Health Center (657) 278-2800
Housing (657) 278-2168
Student Genius Center (657) 278-8203
Library (657) 278-3781
Music (657) 278-4807
Parking and Transportation (657) 278-3082


Paying the outstanding balance

If you are a current student at CSUF, you can log into your Student Center to make a payment through your portal. For more information on making a payment, please visit the payments page on our website here.  Certain charges may not be found through your student portal or payable online.

Please contact Student Business Services if: 

  • Charges are not on your student account
  • You are no longer a current CSUF student
  • You no longer have CSUF Portal access
  • You have questions about making a payment


Objections to Charges

If you have questions concerning the nature of this obligation or if you object to this action you must contact us in writing before November 12, 2019. You have 30 days from the date of the letter to voluntarily pay before we submit your name to the Franchise Tax Board for further action. Any objections made will be considered and reviewed before notifying the State Controller of the debt.

Mailing Address:

Gordon Hall - 180
PO Box 6808
Fullerton, CA 92834