Collections & Educational
Loan Repayment Agreements

Accounts with a delinquent debt to the university may be forwarded to a third-party collections agency after 120+ days past due. After a final collections letter is sent to the email we have on file, students will have 30 days to respond before they are reviewed for referral to a third-party collections agency. 


Current Students

If you are a current student with a past due balance, please visit your Student Homepage to make a payment.
Online Payment Tutorial


Former students

Students that have separated from the university have access to their Titan Online portal for up to nine months beyond their last term of enrollment. Former students are strongly recommended to monitor their student account activity on a weekly basis for up to 6 months after separating from the university to avoid collection activity from delinquent debt. For information on making a payment online, please see the Payments page

Before separating from CSUF it is expected that a student's account be paid in full. However, if full payment is not possible, please work with Student Business Services to create a monthly payment plan to establish a Repayment Agreement.


  • Repayment Agreements are not to exceed twelve months; CSUF determines the monthly payment and due date and is not negotiable.
  • The enrollment fee for a Repayment Agreement is $35.00 per plan, in addition to the past-due balance. The fee is non-refundable and due immediately upon assessment.
  • Access to CSUF services, including diplomas and future registration as per Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 42380 and 42381, is restricted until debts are settled. Past-due balances must be cleared for class registration. A hold persists until the balance is paid in full.
  • CSUF annually reports debts to the Franchise Tax Board for state refund garnishment, in compliance with California Government Code Sections 12419.2, 12419.7, 12419.9, 12419.10, 12419.11, and 12419.12. Therefore, the repayment agreement does not exempt accounts from potential reporting to the State Franchise Tax Board for recovery, and any payments received from FTB do not alter the terms of the agreement.
  • Any skipped, missed, or partial payments automatically annul the Repayment Agreement, and the account will be immediately forwarded to an outside collection agency, resulting in adverse credit reporting to one of the major credit bureaus. If the debtor completes the payment plan, the delinquent debt will not be reported to the three major credit bureaus.
  • Unsigned Repayment Agreements will be forwarded to an outside collection agency.


Establishing a Repayment agreement with CSUF

Email Student Business Services at or call (657) 278-2495 with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Campus Wide ID#
  • Current mailing address
  • Current phone number

After the account has been reviewed for eligibility the Collection's Representative will contact the debtor via email with the required payment plan documentation.


Important Information

  • If the account has been submitted to an outside collection agency the debtor may not establish a payment plan with CSUF and must contact the appropriate collection agency.
    • Cedar Financial – (800) 980-3357
    • Coast Professional – (800) 231-0225
    • ConServe – (800) 724-4439
    • Reliant Capital Solutions – (866) 837-5096
  • CSUF does not accept settlement offers on debts owed.
  • CSUF does not negotiate the removal of accurately reported negative credit reporting.
  • Appeals to apply for reversal of fees must be done within a year of the outstanding balance. 

Although CSUF appreciates all repayment efforts, the collection processes will continue unless the debtor enters a formal monthly payment plan with CSUF.



Financial Responsibility Agreement



I understand that when I register for any class at California State University, Fullerton or receive any service from California State University, Fullerton I accept full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of my registration and/or receipt of services. I further understand and agree that my registration and acceptance of these terms constitutes a promissory note agreement (i.e., a financial obligation in the form of an educational loan as defined by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code at 11 U.S.C. §523(a)(8)) in which California State University, Fullerton is providing me educational services, deferring some or all of my payment obligation for those services, and I promise to pay for all assessed tuition, fees and other associated costs by the published or assigned due date. I understand that CSU Fullerton will not send me a bill and it is my responsibility to view my student account to see amounts owed and due dates.

I understand and agree that if I drop or withdraw from some or all of the classes for which I register, I will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published tuition refund schedule at For programs offered through Extension and International Programs (EIP), I understand and agree with the specific deadlines section posted on my program webpage.