Fee Waiver & Reduction Program Application Deadlines

Fee Waiver applications not received by the deadline will require approval by Student Business Services. An appeals form must be completed beginning January 18, 2020, through February 10, 2020.

Fee Waiver Application Deadline

Effective with the Spring 2020 semester, completed Fee Waiver applications must be submitted to the CSUF Benefits Office  before the official start date of the semester. Approved applications submitted after the start of the semester must be appealed to and approved by Student Business Services. Applicants attending other CSU campuses, please reach out to your prospective campus for details about the deadline.

Fee Waiver Term Application Deadline  Appeal Form Required
Spring 2020 January 17, 2020 January 18 - February 10, 2020
Fall 2020 TBD TBD

Fee Waiver Appeal Form

Please complete an Employee Fee Waiver Appeal FormPDF File Opens in new window  to be submitted with your Fee Waiver Application for approval by Student Business Services.


Completed and approved Spring 2020 Fee Waiver applications must be submitted to the CSUF Human Resources benefits office by 01/17/2020. Beginning January 18th, through February 10th, 2020, an additional Employee Fee Waiver Appeal Form must  be provided with an approved Fee Waiver application.

Contact Information

Fee Waiver Applications
Gabriela Corvini 
Phone: 657-278-3340
Email: gcorvini@fullerton.edu 

Fee Waiver Appeals
Student Business Services
Phone: 657-278-2495
Email: sbs@fullerton.edu