Frequently Asked Questions




FAQ Fees

Q: How much are tuition fees for the semester?

A: State tuition charges depend on the program you are enrolled in. Fees are determined by the number of units enrolled: part-time is 0-6 units, full-time is 7+ units. For more information on tuition and campus fees, please visit the fees page.

Q: What are Campus-based fees and are they mandatory?

A: Campus-based fees are paid by all students enrolled in any university in the Cal State system. On our campus at Fullerton, they help fund a variety of services and benefit the community as a whole.  With the exception of the $2.00 SIRF, campus-based fees are mandatory and charged per term. Visit the Campus-Based Fees section under Tuition and Campus Fees for more information. 

Q: What if I have financial aid?

A: Confirmed Anticipated Financial Aid needs to be greater than or equal to your fees due by the payment deadline. If your aid does not cover the entire amount of your fees you may need to make an out-of-pocket payment to avoid being subject to disenrollment. For more information about your financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.



FAQ Payments

Q: How do I make a payment online?

A: Online payments are made through the Student Center via your Student Portal. In the Finances window, there is a link to make a payment where you are directed to "Pay Now" through our online cashiering website. Please make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled.

For more information, check-out our video below (Please enable captions).

Q: How do I make an ACH (E-check) payment online?

A: To avoid credit card service fees, pay online through ACH. Follow the steps to make a payment online but select ACH as your payment option. Debit card numbers are not bank account numbers. Please contact your bank for more information about your routing and account numbers.

Check-out our video below (Please enable captions).

Q: Are there payment plans available?

A: Yes! If you have a current balance due you may be eligible to enroll in our Tuition Installment Payment Plan. Your tuition and campus fees will be divided into three monthly payments. 
If you have an outstanding balance due from a previous term, please contact our collections specialist to set up a Re-Payment Agreement. 



FAQ Refunds

Q: Can I enroll in Direct Deposit for my disbursements?

A: Yes. We encourage enrollment in Direct Deposit to receive your funds. For more information, please visit our Direct Deposit page.

Q: I never received my refund, is there a way to find out what happened?

A: If you were expecting a refund (through the mail or direct deposit) and haven't received it within ten business days, please submit a completed Stop Payment form to our offices at GH-180.  For refund inquiries, send us an email at

Q: What if I have more questions about refunds?

A: Please email our refund specialists at



FAQ Important Dates

Q: When is the next payment deadline?

A: Your payment deadlines may vary depending on your registration appointment. Please check the Important Dates page for more information.

Q: What if I missed my payment deadline?

A: If a payment deadline is missed and there were insufficient payments or no confirmed anticipated aid, your courses may be subject to disenrollment. 

Q: When is the last day to drop classes for a full refund?

A: Courses need to be completely dropped before the first day of the semester. Please visit the Refunds page for more information on deadlines for partial and prorated refunds. (Please note, actual first day of classes may be earlier than the first day you are physically on campus).




Q: Where can I find my form 1098-T?

A: You can look-up your form 1098-T through our third-party agency, Heartland ECSI. For more information on how to access your form 1098-T, a walk-through is provided on our Tax Information page.

Q: Frequently Asked Question about 1098-T

A: FAQs about your form 1098-T are located on a separate page. For more information, please visit the 1098-T FAQs page, or send an email to

How to make a payment online

How to pay with an Electronic check (ACH)