Prepayment of Fees

Spring 2020 Prepayments required Beginning January 24th

Prepayment hold

This hold prevents enrollment in courses until fees are prepaid for the specific program.

Prepay hold Sample on Student Center

How to remove the hold:

  • Prepay tuition online through the Student Center (manually type in the amount to prepay)
  • Hold will be lifted automatically after a sufficient payment is made

Confirmed Anticipated Financial Aid will be considered as a prepayment if the amount is sufficient for PREPAY.

What is Prepayment?

After the last tuition deadline of the semester (not including payment plans), students will be required to pay their tuition and campus fees before they can enroll in classes.

Spring 2021 Important Dates
  Registration Date Payment Due Date
TITAN A Oct 23- Nov 30, 2020 December 15, 2020
TITAN B Dec 1 - 31, 2020 January 15, 2021
TITAN C Jan 1 - 28, 2021 January 28, 2021
PREPAY Beginning January 29, 2021 Fees Due Prior to Enrollment

After a sufficient out-of-pocket payment has been made or enough confirmed anticipated financial is applied, the 'Spring 2021 Enrollment Hold' will automatically be removed. 

See table below for your program and prepayment minimums. 


payment options

No in-person payments during remote services. Please make your payments online through your Student Portal.


Online via Student Center: 

Select Partial Payment as your payment option. Manually type in the amount you would like to pay. Online card payments will include a 2.65% merchant fee. No additional fees to make a payment with your banking information (electronic checks). More information about making online payments


Enroll in a Payment Plan:

Online self-enrollment in the payment plan is disabled through the Student Center during the prepayment period . To enroll in a payment plan, please complete the digital form found on our SBS Forms page. A completed form will be emailed to us for manual enrollment in the payment plan.

  • California Resident payment plan: $33 fee will be added to the first payment
  • Non-Resident payment plan: 9% of non-resident tuition will be added to overall charges

For more information about the payment plan, please visit our Tuition Installment Payment Plan Page.


Last day to enroll in Spring 2021 Tuition Installment Payment Plan: 02/08/2021

Prepayment Totals for Tuition & Fees

Prepayment holds will be lifted after the minimum is paid for your program you plan to enroll in.

List of Spring 2021 Tuition and Campus-based FeesPDF File Opens in new window

Undergraduate Program Charges
 Spring 2021 Part Time
0-6 units
Full Time
7+ units
Tuition Fees $1,665.00 $2,871.00
Campus Fees $607.12 $607.12
Prepay This Amount >> $2,272.12 $3,478.12


Credential Program Charges
Spring 2021
Part Time 
0-6 units
Full Time
7+ units
Tuition Fees $1,932.00 $3,330.00
Campus Fees $607.12 $607.12
Prepay This Amount >> $2,539.12 $3,937.12


Education Doctorate Program Charges
Spring 2021 All Students
Tuition Fees $5,919.00
Campus Fees $607.12
Prepay This Amount >> $6,526.12


Doctor of nursing practice Charges
Spring 2021 All Students
Tuition Fees $7,635.00
Campus Fees $607.12
Prepay This Amount >> $8,242.12
Graduate PBAC Program Charges
Spring 2021
Part Time
0-6 units
Full Time
7+ units
Tuition Fees $2,082.00 $3,588.00
Campus Fees $607.12 $607.12
If you don't have
Professional Program Fees
$2,689.12  $4,195.12 
Prepay This Amount >>

*Certain Graduate/PBAC Programs may also have Professional Program Fees that are not included above.

Programs listed below have additional Professional Program Fees. Please include professional program fee charges to your prepayment amount to release the hold.

Academic Plans with Professional Program Fees:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science (MS) program in Accountancy
  • Master of Science (MS) program in Information Systems
  • Master of Science (MS) program in Taxation
  • Master of Science (MS) program in Information Technology
Professional Program Fees
Spring 2021
Part Time Full Time
Tuition & Campus Fees $2,689.12 $4,195.12
If you have 
Professional Program Fees (PPF) is $270.00 per unit
+ 6 units
of PPF
+ 12 units
of PPF
Prepay This Amount >> $4,309.12 $7,435.12
*Professional Program Fee prepayment minimums are six units for part-time enrollment and twelve units for full-time enrollment. 

non-resident tuition prepayments

Non-Resident Tuition
Charge Calculation Amount
Part Time Non-Resident Tuition
($396 x 6 units)
Full Time Non-Resident Tuition
($396 x 12 units)

Include Non-Resident Tuition amounts to your prepayment.

Prepayments with Financial Aid

Using Financial Aid toward Prepay
Anticipated Aid Result
Greater than or equal to the Prepayment total? Prepayment Hold will be removed automatically
Less than the Prepayment total? Pay the difference then
prepayment hold will be removed automatically

Holds may take up to four hours to automatically be removed.