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Student Business Services is part of the Division of Administration & Finance. We operate as our university's cashiers and collect, allocate, and safeguard funds between students, banks, other departments, and various external sources. Account specialists are available to offer private consultation and personalized meetings to find payment solutions. Our customer service centers are ready to answer inquiries about student financial accounts and other related issues.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Gordon Hall 180 University Cashiers @ GH-180

  • Campus Cashiers
    Open Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm. Window #10 drop box available 24/7
    Credit Cards not accepted.
  • Faculty/Staff Business Cashier
    Located at Window #1 (Ring bell for service)
  • Customer Service
    Detailed explanations of your student accounts

College Park 100 SBS Solution Center @ CP-100  (New!)

  • Personalized Payment & Collection Solutions
  • Private Student Accounts Consulation
  • Cashiering Services (Debit/Checks only)
  • Disbursement Check Pick-up
  • Extended Service Hours

SBS Solution Center @ CP

Personalized Payment & Collection Solutions and Private Consultation;  Cashiering Services (Debit/Checks only); and other services in CP-100

More Information.

Refunds & Stop Payments

Check Disbursements, Refunds, and Stop Payment inquiries


Third Party Contracts

Veteran Benefits, Financial Sponsorships, or Department of Rehabilitation inquiries


Form 1098-T

Reporting questions for form 1098-T


Franchise Tax Board

Franchise Tax Board garnishments or inquiries on previous terms


Past-Due Balances

Questions about repayment agreements and past-due balances on your account


Live Snapshot of GH180

Live Snapshot of GH180


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